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George Lowden's Blog


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lowden guitar number 20,000 came to completion in December 2016 after being in the works for over a year - isn’t it a beauty? 

Both in sound and looks, this guitar is truly incredible and marks a milestone in the more than 40 year history of Lowden Guitars. 

The new Lowden workshops in Downpatrick opened in 2004, and a new ‘era’ of Lowden guitar making began, George along with a team of craftsmen began making guitars under George Lowden Guitars Ltd

An incredible amount of integrity, passion, skill and grit has gone into every guitar right up to no. 20,000 and beyond.

You may have already seen videos, articles and photos of our 20,000th guitar, but we wanted to share more of the story behind this landmark guitar and the why behind it's name. 

Who better to tell that story than George himself? -

Why Genesis?

"As I was thinking about this landmark guitar no. 20,000, I was reminded of the very first acoustic guitar that I made in 1974. Because of this, the name Genesis came to mind. I thought in some ways it could be a way to celebrate the fact that I started making guitars 42 years ago. Of course Genesis also describes the creation story and as a guitar maker I have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing woods available in the world. I felt that this was a really good way to celebrate such a landmark and to refer back to the beginning of things, both in terms of my guitar making and in terms of the universe."

Larry Robinson - the Artist behind the Inlay 

"I decided to approach Larry Robinson in America and commission him to come up with a design depicting the Genesis story which would be inlayed on the back of the guitar. Larry did an amazing job of creating the design of the six phases of creation, starting with what I suppose you would call, 'the big bang', ending up with man and woman and every phase inbetween. So, after I approached Larry with the concept, he then came up with the initial drawing and once I had looked at it, I was blown away! The next step was for me to make the back for the guitar and send it to Larry. He actually did all the inlay work by hand using gold, silver, copper, various types of shell and also dyed, figured wood. "

The Wood Combination 

"As well as approaching Larry regarding the very special inlay that is on the back of the guitar, I wanted to make sure that everything about it was the very best that we could do. From the choosing of the wood, right through to the finishing, the lacquering, the set-up and (most important of all) the voicing. I wanted this guitar to not only be a work of art but also a superb musical instrument.
I used the very best Sinker Redwood top that I could find in our stock and designed the guitar from there. I chose African Blackwood for the back and sides, partly because it really shows off the in-lay to it's best, and also because African Blackwood is tonally one of the best woods you can get. Very reflective, very clear, very strong, very loud - everything about it is just superb. In recent times I've been using a lot of Sinker Redwood for soundboards, and loving every minute of that because the guitars that we use Sinker Redwood on, seem to have just a wee tad of extra sustain and warmth, not too clinical in tone. I knew that the combination of African Blackwood paired with Sinker Redwood would be a fitting celebration!"

The Genesis guitar 'in the making' :

We'd like to thank...

Our incredible team of craftsmen for bringing this guitar to completion and Larry Robinson for playing such an integral part of the guitars design! 

The guitar is now available to view and buy from Heartbreaker Guitars, Las Vegas